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News feed from RSS source: Home

Instructions for setting up a news feed channel

Grasstruths Premium users contribute in various ways to generating a vibrant community. We appreciate your support and dedication to this project. These instructions are provided for you. Some of the information is also relevant to hubzilla users on other instances.

1. Collaboration

We want to ensure that news curating channels remain unique in their focus, intended content, etc. This will go a distance toward ensuring that users can easily organise the content that they are following. We also want to encourage collaboration rather than duplication of channel content. Hubzilla software allows for delegation of channel management. Administrators will assist users to collaborate. A system of naming channels seems to be one way to streamline a large part of this process. Collaboration will also reduce the demand on the server. A short name, full name and description will be assigned to applicant (premium user) by the admin.

To determine a short name, the applicant will provide the proposal with details about the intended feed/RSS-content, region of originating feed for the proposed channel/feed. If a channel already exists i.e. one that has the same type of content, then instead of creating a new channel, the new and existing premium users will be invited to collaborate wherever possible, to add the new RSS feed to the existing channel/s. This collaboration may incude the delegation of the existing feed to the subsequent premium user but this depends on the first user.

Under the new channel creation routine, a short text note will be sent to a premium user that will provide the channel shortname, and suggested desciptions to include in the channel profile.

2. Preliminary creation of feed channel

From main navigator at the top left, drop down to channels or go directley via this link to manage channel. Select Create New, Forum Mostly From the Cog icon (top left), Public Channel name (Full name) and Short Nickname. Leave all settings at defaults, go to Channel Settings: Authorize with admin to Register short name and Full Name (as per nomen) Leave all as default... Go to Notification settings - Email, By default post status message when all no, Send email all yes except Show new wall posts no Display settings rebasic Focus Light, Custom Theme PastelEase. Content Settings 80, 10, Emoticons yes. All others no

3. Add the necessary apps

Using the menu at the top right, select the bottom option, +Apps

Available Apps - Find then Install following: Activity Protocol, Channel Sources, Permission Categories, Rainbow tag, Public Stream Installed Apps.. Channel Sources .. engage the star (turns to yellow when enabled) Installed Apps.. Find Permission categories and Connections apps. click on the icon of each app (icon resembles an open lock).. Then do - Permission category name (Subscriber) Click on new generated category "Subscriber" then click on Individual Permissions - check these settings - Can comment on or like posts, Can source my public posts in derived channels, then SUBMIT

Top left again: scroll down and select Settings.. Security and Privacy Settings - Default permission category Subscriber, Submit Security & Privacy - Forum Mostly Public, Automatic membership approval Yes, Allow us to suggest yes, Default permission category Subscriber

4. Channel profile

Edit Profile: Default Profile - The admin sent you some suggestions for inclusion in the profile. Follow these and add your own as required.

5. Add the source

The first step is to add a connection. Only an existing Connection can be added as a source. Top right - apps.. select, Connections. Top left - Add New Connection (copy and paste the link to an rss feed will work) Page opens, Connection: Name Information about Available locations (site address) Last updated. Below this appears the name in full. Copy the name only and eep in clipboard Proceed to add the channel source

Top Right - Channel Sources Add Source, Channel Name - Paste the name here... a drop down appears, click this IMPORTANT a space is left after the name.. make sure to hit the backspace so that this space in the name is removed Resend posts with this channel as author YES Submit Channel Sources New Source appears again.. and the new source name appears beside a bullet Repeat this for another source. There is no limit to the number of sources that can be added to a channel in this way.

Congratulations! This process is now complete

  • Multi-channel feature is available to Premium users only